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  • About me

    What I do.

    My name is Claire. I'm a dedicated, organized and energetic freelance copywriter and editor. I'm proud to have worked for the likes of Oxford University Press, Oxford Dictionaries and Penguin Random House for the past 10 years, and bring all the skills I learned there to my freelance portfolio.


    I write in a way that people can relate and respond to. I understand what makes people tick, and can position myself in the shoes of your ideal reader to create compelling content.


    I especially love innovative or unusual projects, and all things digital. I'm flexible and adaptable, so if there's a task you need help with, I would love to talk to you about it! Drop me a line at clairedransom@gmail.com.

  • Services

    How I can help you.



    • Creative writing
    • Copywriting and content generation
    • Web content
    • Campaigns
    • News writing
    • Feature writing
    • Reviews
    • Blogging
    • Branding and tone of voice
    • Project management
    • Social media


    • Editorial mangement
    • Content management and planning
    • Commissioning
    • Content editing
    • Sub-editing
    • Proofreading
    • Fact-checking
    • Brief writing
    • Artbrief writing/editing
    • Market research
    • Preparation of editorial business cases
    • Editorial project management.


    These lists are designed to give you an overall impression of the kind of work I love to do. I've also worked as a Business Relationship Manager, Business Analyst and Project Manager, and am more than happy to draw on those skills if that fits your needs! If there's something you need help with that you don't see here, just drop me a line and we can talk about it! I'd love to hear from you.


    Besides English, ich spreche Deutsch. Hablo español. Je parle français. Parlo un po' di Italiano.

    Focus on your audience

    This isn't about me; it's about how I can best help you. I listen hard to what you have to tell me, work with you to refine a brief, and deliver according to deadlines. I take pride in my work and want the best possible experience for your readers.


    Lots of people have told me I'm good to work with. Check out my recommendations on LinkedIn, or drop me a line to request references. I go out of my way to ensure I meet deadlines, and deliver impactful projects with minimal fuss.

  • Testimonials

    Some feedback from people who have worked with me.

    Claire picked up a writing project that was on an extremely tight schedule. By working evenings and weekend, she managed to turn it around in the little time available. She worked closely and effectively with the content producer to create the activities to accompany the content.

    Luke Baxter, Publisher, Richmond ELT

    Claire was my editor when I wrote Oxford Grammar for Schools 3 and 5 and Oxford Practice Grammar Lesson Plans and Worksheets. She was a dream to work with on both projects, briefing the work clearly, replying to emails promptly, and consistently giving feedback that was insightful and easy to act on. Claire’s communication was excellent, which ensured that the process of writing and redrafting was smooth and enjoyable from start to finish. Her comments were perceptive, supportive and directive. She was always very quick to identify positive points, too.
    What was particularly special for me when working on Oxford Grammar for Schools was Claire’s recognition and acknowledgment of my ability to write creatively for ELT (poems, chants, stories, etc.) as well as producing more standard ELT material. It was more than just a case of giving me positive comments; Claire took the initiative to introduce me to other ELT editors who she felt would give me opportunities to work on more creative projects, thus actively helping me develop my career in new ways.
    On a more personal level, Claire’s positive and encouraging comments on my ELT writing prompted me to explore and develop my own creative writing (poems, short stories and the beginning of a novel), which now sits happily alongside my work as an ELT author. I am hugely grateful to Claire for this.

    Rachel Godfrey, freelance author

    Claire and I worked together in the Agile team on oxforddictionaries.com for around a year. We all appreciated Claire's genuine warmth, her calm, thoughtful approach to her work, and her ability to take a step back to remind us of the big picture when necessary. She also had the wisdom to ask the right questions, and could distill the most complex information down to the essentials clearly and eloquently. It was a pleasure working with Claire.

    Joanna Rubery, Editor at Oxford Dictionaries

    I had the privilege of working with Claire at Oxford University Press as part of a pilot Agile project developing OxfordDictionaries.com. Claire was brought onto the team as an Agile Business Analyst whose role included delivering customer insights, refining the team’s experimentation process to accelerate our feedback cycle, and improving the visibility of the Agile team’s work within the business. Claire’s thorough and well-considered approach, willingness to engage with complexity, and her tremendous energy and passion made her a valued member of the team, and helped to give the business confidence in the team’s outputs.

    Malie Lalor, Head of Dictionaries Marketing, Oxford Dictionaries

    Claire and I worked together for 5 years at Oxford University Press, first in the English Language Teaching Division’s Grammar Team where Claire was a Senior Editor, then in Oxford Dictionaries’ Global Language Solutions Team, where Claire was Project Manager. I reported to Claire for 18 months during our time at Oxford Dictionaries.

    Claire is a wonderful colleague and manager. She is determined and tenacious in getting things done, with a talent for strategy and keeping in mind the bigger picture. At the same time, she is a kind and considerate colleague, as well a truly supportive manager. She is a pleasure to work with and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the future.

    Rebecca Ganz, Project Assistant, Oxford Dictionaries

    Claire was the bridge between Digital and Technology at Penguin Random House and built a strong relationship between the two departments. Both an innovator and organiser, she has that rare ability to solve problems and drive change whilst bringing others with her. Claire was a key ally in the mission to bring agile development to PRH. Her determination and communication skills enabled her to deliver Hackathons and Design Sprints, which have since been adopted by the company.

    Jon Salt, Digital Development Director, Penguin Random House

    Claire is a highly motivated, organised and detail orientated project manager and it was a pleasure to have worked with her. She kept all the plates spinning and ensured that tasks were carried out on time, that people were aware of their duties on a day-to-day basis and that stakeholders were always informed of progress.

    She worked tirelessly to make sure progress was being made despite major challenges always being presented.

    We really wouldn't have got to the position we are in without her efforts.

    David Young, Web Product Manager, Penguin Random House

    Working with Claire was a great experience. She is a great strategic thinker, highly knowledgeable and welcomed the opportunity to share her knowledge, network and experience with me, particularly when I first joined Penguin Random House. Claire is an ethusiastic, effervescent team player who thrives working in larger groups and also on her own independent tasks. Claire is a great communicator, this is particularly evidenced now in her freelance work and her documentation of her journey to become an entrepreneur.

    Jo Roberts, Change Programme Manager, Penguin Random House

    I have been very fortunate to work with Claire over the past 20 months.
    Claire has been an amazing asset to the technology team, her calm and approachable nature has been extremely valuable to technology and the wider business.

    Claire is forward thinking, always keeping an eye on the future. She manages to relate all she does to improve the customer experience. Claire is also great at cultivating relationships with internal and external departments, as well as 3rd party vendors.

    I wish her all the best, and hope we cross paths again.

    Kim Fitzpatrick, Project Director at MiX Consultancy Ltd

    Claire is an exceptional professional with a creative flair. Her innovative mind, coupled with dedication, humour and a strong work ethic, have made her a pleasure to work with. Claire's work at Penguin Random House has been excellent.

    Stefan Beavis, Director of Technology at Penguin Random House

    Claire has a distinctly impressive set of digital and management skills with exceptional energy, focus, insight and attention to detail. She had repeatedly delivered for us at Penguin Random House, whether that's been product development, project management, business and third party relationships, driving a digital vision, ecommerce plan and operating model. She is a team player who knows how to get the best out of people and is rightly highly valued and respected by everyone who works with her.

    Ashley Holloway, Digital Director, Sparehead Media

    During my time as a Production Editor at OUP I felt very fortunate to be working under Claire's guidance. She is hard-working, enthusiastic and has the great ability to keep both the broad scope of the project and fine-detail work in mind at the same time. As part of my ongoing training, Claire taught me such diverse things as when to raise editorial queries, how the print and digital structures of the courses worked with each other, and the basics of XML editing. She was excellent at communicating the right level of information and I draw on her advice to this day.

    Caroline Hynds, freelance writer and editor

  • Portfolio

    Click on the links to see more about some of the projects (big and small) that I've worked on.

  • Experience

    What I've done. What I'm doing.


    I grew up in the UK, where I spent the first 18 years of my life. I studied French, German and Spanish at the University of Durham, and I've worked in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.


    On leaving university, I worked in Germany for a year as a cultural ambassador, building and developing links between twin cities. As part of this job, I set up a magazine, which I enjoyed so much, that I decided to become an editor.


    For the next six years, I worked as an ELT (English Language Teaching) editor at Oxford University Press. My favourite aspect of this job was working with incredibly talented authors, designers and artists, and managing schedules and budgets in order to meet publishing deadlines for key market windows. I always positioned myself to work on the most innovative and challenging projects, and naturally inclined towards digital publishing.


    In 2012, this led me to pursue my interests in the more commercial side of publishing, and I accepted a role as Project Manager setting up Oxford Global Language Solutions, a new business unit for Oxford Dictionaries. In early 2014, I became Business Analyst for oxforddictionaries.com.


    In January 2015, I moved to London to work at Penguin Random House as Digital Business Partnership Manager. I worked with Technology and Digital teams to manage digital transformation, develop strategy, and improve working relationships, against the backdrop of an ongoing merger. But there was an itch that needed scratching: I wanted to get back to content.


    In May 2016, I enrolled in Escape the City's incredible Startup Tribe, which is a learning-by-doing programme that helps passionate and ambitious people find fulfilling work. Over the next three months, alongside my day-job, I learnt valuable skills that helped me develop a mindset that, in July 2016, enabled me to quit full-time employment to embark on life as a full-time freelancer.


    For me, this is an opportunity to follow my passions and work on projects that I'm really excited about, with brands I love. It's also about developing myself as an independent business owner and continual self-improvement.


    You can read about my experience of transitioning from corporate employee to aspiring entrepreneur in my blog, Wantrepreneur at www.clairedransom.com. What can I say? I just love writing.


    I love travelling, adventure, fitness, animals and being outdoors. I'm fascinated by all things startup and self-improvement, and at every given opportunity, you'll find me hanging out with members of Escape the City, with people who are doing work they love, or reading a good book, or (you've guessed it) writing.

  • Skills

    How I do what I do.

    I'm collaborative

    I like people and lots of people tell me I'm good to work with. Check out my recommendations on LinkedIn, or drop me a line to request references.

    I'm curious

    I have always worked on projects that push the boundaries of what is accepted or possible. I instinctively position myself at the cutting edge, working with companies and people that change the world.

    I'm adaptable

    I am flexible, versatile, and cope well with ambiguity. In my previous roles, I inspired others to be excited about new ideas and change. Not sure what you need for your project? Talk to me about it and I'll see if I can help.

    I'm a doer

    Organizing is my passion! I just get on with things. I easily see a strategic and logical course of action and just get it done. I'm not afraid to make decisions regarding content and (when appropriate) I don't wait for instructions.